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"I've started over 50 biotech companies. We always say talk to Sharon first."
Brook Byers
Kleiner Perkins Caufield and Byers

"Sharon is every CEO's dream. She knows how to ask the tough questions. Her years of experience and vast network help companies avoid the 'speed bumps' often encountered in a growing company."
John Walker
Axys Pharmaceuticals

Project List:

CustomerProject Summary
Abgenix 3 projects including R&D Labs, Sterile Barrier Vivarium and corporate offices (Foster City, Fremont)

Applied Immune Sciences Developed basis of design for cGMP facility for production of medical device (Menlo Park)

Alexandria 4 projects including Berkeley Heart Labs Corp. HQ, Sunesis R&D labs/vivarium, biotechnology incubators in Burlingame, CA and RTP, North Carolina

Alexon R&D Labs Start Up (Palo Alto)

Alteon R&D labs/vivarium build-to-suit (New Jersey)

American Cynamid cGMP Feasibility Study (Hayward)

Amgen Two story building full conversion to R&D/cGMP laboratory use. Led City/design/construction teams to modify/apply new UBC for full H-7 occupancy. (Thousand Oaks, CA)

Aquanautics 2 projects including R&D Labs/Corp. HQ (Emeryville)

Athena Neurosciences 2 projects including R&D Lab Start Up (San Carlos and So. San Francisco)

Arris Pharmaceuticals 3 projects including R&D labs, Corp. HQ., organic chemistry expansion

Axon Instruments R&D lab expansion (Foster City)

Axys Pharmaceuticals 6 projects including Basis of Design/ City Variances for organic chemistry Build-to-Suit, R&D lab remodel, HQ relocation, vivarium remodel, on-going facilities support (So. San Francisco)

Beacon Diagnostics 3 projects including R&D Lab Start Up (Foster City)

Berkeley Heart Labs (See Alexandria—Burlingame, CA)

Berlex Bio Science 3 projects including Corp. HQ Relocation/Campus Relocation, facilities support services (Richmond, CA)

Biocircuits Corp 2 projects including R&D Labs, cGMP Manufacturing for device (Burlingame, Sunnyvale)

Biometric Imaging R&D Labs Start Up (Mountain View)

Bionovus 2 projects including R&D Labs Start Up and device manufacture (San Carlos, Foster City)

Biomedical Development Center Business plan for operational incubator to be located adjacent to UCSF at Mission Bay (San Francisco)

Bionumerik Pharmaceuticals R&D laboratory start-up with special mitigating circumstances due to location on 4th floor of 15 story high rise building (San Antonio, TX)

Catalytica 3 projects including R&D Labs Remodel and hazardous occupancy mitigation (Mountain View)

Catellus Development 2 projects for Master Plan approvals requiring City interdepartmental reviews/coordination, including overseeing EIR, traffic, Haz Mat and BAAQMD. Assembled team and directed write up of submittals/ basis of design for city variances mitigating existing building/haz mat codes (San Francisco)

Cell Genesys 3 projects including R&D Lab Start Up, vivarium remodel, sterile barrier Xenomouse facility (Foster City)

Cell Pro 2 projects including R&D lab start-up, R&D lab relocation/expansion and cGMP manufacturing facility (Seattle, WA)

Centaur Pharmaceuticals 5 projects including campus relocation, facilities support services, lease disposition and facility brown down and decommissioning (Santa Clara)

Ceretek Site search for R&D lab start up (So. San Francisco)

Cerus Corp 7 projects including R&D labs, BSL3 suite, vivarium remodel, feasibility study, organic chemistry/PCR/histology lab remodels (Concord)

Chem Trak 2 projects incluing R&D Labs, cGMP manufacturing, <5% humidity dry rooms. Led City team in establishing “ADVANTAGE” program which allows for expediting of the permit process for high tech construction. (Sunnyvale)

Chiron 2 projects including feasibility study and data center relocation (Emeryville)

Cooper Life Sciences 4 projects including R&D labs remodel, cGMP pilot production, specialty chemical sourcing and vivarium remodel (Mountain View)

COR Therapeutics R&D Lab Start Up (So. San Francisco)

DepoTech 3 projects including R&D laboratory and administrative office expansion and cGMP pilot manufacturing facility (San Diego, CA)

Genelabs 3 projects including R&D lab/Corp HQ build-out, R&D lab remodel and cGMP manufacturing (San Carlos, Redwood City)

Fireman’s Fund Laboratory conversion feasibility study (Santa Rosa)

Gilead Sciences 11 projects including R&D lab start Up, new R&D lab expansion, Corp HQ, cGMP pilot production, analytical labs, cGMP equipment BOD/purchase/installation. Led interdepartmental team for City of Foster City to modify permit process for biotechnology applicants, including Fire, Building and Planning (Foster City)

Glycomed 4 projects including R&D lab start up, R&D lab expansion/relocation, vivarium and BSL 3 suite (Hayward, Alameda)

Government of Hong Kong SARS Diagnostic/Vaccine parallel development plan

Hillman Properties Design study to provide remediation of significant odor problems for new vivarium. Advised and coordinated HVAC engineering modifications. (Foster City)

InCyte Pharmaceuticals Feasibility Study (Palo Alto)

Inhale Therapeutics 4 projects including R&D lab start up, R&D lab expansion/relocation and cGMP pilot production (Menlo Park, Palo Alto, San Carlos)

InPro Biotechnology 3 projects including R&D lab start-up, BSL 3 suite, specialty containment for LIMS/science/robotics and office expansion (So. San Francisco)

Insite Vision R&D lab start-up, R&D lab expansion/relocation, vivarium and cGMP manufacturing facility (Oakland, Alameda)

Keravision 3 projects including R&D lab start-up, R&D lab expansion/relocation (Santa Clara)

Landec Labs 4 projects including R&D Lab start up, R&D lab expansion/relocation requiring Code variances, cGMP pilot production and Corp. HQ (Menlo Park)

Liposome Technology R&D lab remodel and feasibility study for vivarium remodel/cGMP lyophilization facility (Menlo Park)

Microgenics Corp MEP Basis of Design and feasibility study (Dublin)

Monoclonal Antibodies Site, R&D lab and vivarium expansion (Menlo Park)

Neurocrine Biosciences R&D lab start-up including major vivarium (San Diego, CA)

Operon Technologies R&D lab start-up and reagent GLP manufacturing facility (Alameda)

Oral B Labs R&D lab remodel (Mountain View)

Penederm 4 projects including R&D lab start-up, R&D lab expansion/relocation, cGMP manufacturing facility and analytical labs (Menlo Park, Foster City)

Pfizer Inc. 3 projects including sourcing site for West Coast external research offices (San Bruno, Connecticut state interface for new campus and input to new R&D Massachusetts facility

Pharmacyclics R&D lab expansion including cGMP manufacturing facility and vivarium (Sunnyvale)

Pharm Chem Clinical testing lab expansion/relocation including major environmentally controlled storage rooms (Menlo Park)

Protein Design Labs Study to reduce budget overruns of existing laboratory ongoing TI modifications. (Palo Alto)

Ribozyme Pharmaceuticals Vivarium study for housing multiple species including porcine occupancy (Boulder, CO)

Satellite Dialysis Clinical Laboratories (San Carlos)

Sequana Therapeutics Lab start-up including modification of existing laboratory and vivarium facility (San Diego, CA)

Shaklee Pharmaceuticals R&D Lab Remodel (Hayward)

Shell Oil Business plan, site search and build-to-suit on green field site for new biotechnology start-up (Triton Biosciences—Alameda)

Safeway Laboratory conversion feasibility study (Pleasanton)

Spectra Labs 3 projects including clinical Laboratories and Corp HQ relocation from 3 sites in San Jose to Fremont

Specigen -

Sunesis Pharmaceuticals (See Alexandria—So. San Francisco)

Stuhlmuller Properties Assembled and led team to receive approvals from City departments of Brisbane, including Fire, Planning and Building. Wrote variances for code allowances for Haz Mat and BSL1-3 facilities including vivarium use.

Systemix Multiple projects including R&D lab start-up, expansion/relocation, cGMP manufacturing, HQ and campus relocation, facilities support services, decommissioning and close-out (Menlo Park)

Virx First clinical lab for HIV testing developed on 6th floor of multi-tenant building (San Francisco)

Vitaphore Corp. R&D lab remodel, R&D lab expansion/relocation and cGMP lyophilizer manufacturing suite (Menlo Park)

UCSF 2 projects includes feasibility of R&D modifications for Neurodegenerative Institute, site search, basis of design for UCSF/MTF tissue recovery satellite facility